Ian Boothby was an intern working for Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis in London. He was with Jane and Darcy when they went looking for Erik Selvig and when they found the gravitational disturbance. After Jane went missing, Darcy and Ian called the police.

After Jane returned and Thor took her with him to Asgard, Ian and Darcy left in search of Selvig. They had discovered that he had been arrested and placed in a home for the elderly. When Jane and Thor returned to Earth, Ian helped Jane, Darcy, and Erik set up the devices needed to help combat Malekith's convergence. After Ian saved Darcy's life by killing a Dark Elf with a car, they shared a kiss. They were then transported to Jane and Selvig's side, where they awkwardly addressed each other before Mjolnir flew by. After Thor defeated Malekith, Darcy and Ian resumed kissing.[1]

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