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Ian Fate was a reporter whose crime exposés sent the assassin Eric Payne after him. Unfortunatly, his bomb did not kill Ian, but instead killed his wife and son. Ian set out to obtain revenge on Payne, and realized he needed to become a master in the mystic arts. He traveled to Tibet and developed his magic skills under an exiled seer until the seer learned the darker reasons ans Fate struck him down and fled. He traveled through mutliple dimensions until he discovered a realm inhabited by unnamed green demon-like creatures and was able to persuade them to assist him. Fate then kidnapped Eric's estranged wife, Corey Payne and requested to meet with Eric. He threatened to kill her and challenged Payne to stop him. Payne obtained the assistance of the Defenders and traveled to confront Fate. A brief struggle broke out but Fate was subdued by Doctor Strange. Payne tried to rescue his wife but she was killed by one of the demon creatures. However, it was revealed that Fate couldn't kill an innocent and had replaced her with the heroin addict "Sunshine". Payne tried to kill Fate but was stopped by Wonder-Man. [1]

Strange left Fate with an occult psychiatrist but after a few weeks, Fate was able to escape and attempt to return to his demons, but arrived in Man-Thing's Swamp instead. Here he was met by the Man-Thing and the two made a connection. Fate attempted to disguise the Man-Thing and brought him to J. Jonah Jameson. Fate talked to Jameson about using the Daily Bugle to help stop all pain int he world. When Jameson told him this was impossible, Fate attacked him, but was confronted by Spider-Man. Man-Thing tried to help, but the fear from Fate caused him to burn, which only stopped when Jameson's fear distracted him. Spider-Man knocked the Man-Thing out of the building and the fight continued on the street below. Fate meanwhile was approached by Jameson who was able to convince him to stop this by asking what his wife and child would have thought of his actions. Fate teleports the weakened form of the Man-Thing back to his swamp and decided to stay with the Man-Thing. His current fate and whereabouts are unknown as he was never seen with the Man-Thing again.[2]

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