Ian McNee began his mystical training with the goal of becoming Sorcerer Supreme. After ten years he challenged Dr. Strange for the title. He was defeated by Strange.[1]

Ian's activities after challenging Strange are largely unknown; it is known he acquired the First Tarot and set up a magic shop, the Cornerstone on Creation in Brooklyn. Ian consulted the First Tarot and found many oddities with the state of magic.[2]

Soon after, Ian dreamed that he was trapped in the Serpent's Sea, but was saved by a being appearing to be Oshtur. "Oshtur" asked Ian to gather the Cornerstones of Creation - the Sword of Bone, the Ebon Rose, the Serpent Crown, and the Black Mirror - in order to balance magic. Ian traveled through time and space to do so, encountering Ammut, Morgan Le Fay, Llyra, and (briefly) Marie Laveau during his quests.[2][3]

However, he learned the being who had appeared to him as Oshtur to send him on his quest was, in reality, Chthon in disguise, who had asked him to gather the items and attempted to corrupt the other cornerstones with the Darkhold. However, Ian managed to use the stones to undo the work of Chthon and banish him to the Flickering Realms. After this, the real Oshtur appeared to him and told him that he, along with his new partner Ashake, must work to repair the structure of magic.[4]

Power Grid [6]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Ian McNee was highly talented at magic, having trained at it for a decade, though he couldn't control his powers too well. He used his abilities to hide behind a charade, project different mystic bolts (Bolts of Bedevilment, Flames of the Faltine and Wrath of the Chill Ikthalon) so formidable even Strange's magical defenses were shattered under their force, and shield himself against mystic attacks. Ian McNee has the potential of a possible candidate for the role of Sorcerer Supreme.[5]


Ebon Rose, Darkhold, Sword of Bone, Serpent Crown (Cornerstones of Creation); First Tarot

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