Iao-Thamungazoth was one of the Lords of Chaos and Lords of Darkness worshiped by the Dragon Kings of Lemuria,[1] half a million years ago.

They offered him sacrifice to feed their growing power. When the adventurers Sharjsha, Sumia Chond, and Karm Karvus came to the Castle of the Dragon Kings, on the four Dragon Isles of the inland Sea of Neol-Shendis, Sssaaa, High Priest of the Dragon Kings intended to sacrifice the three of them to the Lord of Chaos at the Altar of the Monoliths, to provide them the life-energies they required to cross the intercosmic gulfs to Earth.

As the hour of the equinox came, Sssaaa was about to perform the sacrifice before the Lords of Chaos, whose faces appeared in the sky. The ceremony was interrupted by Thongor, who was soon assisted by Father Gorm who stroke down all the Dragon Kings.[1]

  • Iao Thamungazoth was created by Lin Carter in "The Wizard of Lemuria".[2]
  • In page 15 of Creatures on the Loose #29, Sssaaa states he's going to sacrifice Sharjsha, Sumia Chond, and Karm Karvus, to feed "the Lord of Chaos" (singular), then state it will provide the life-energies "they required" (plural). The issue is also named "The Lord of Chaos!". Sssaaa later, in page 30, utters "Iao-Thamungazoth"'s name, as the Lords of Darkness's "unholy names" (both plural). It is unclear whether this is a consistency or lettering error, or if the "Lord of Chaos" is multiple beings.

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