Iara dos Santos was an average Brazilian girl until she began having a strong craving for fresh fish and transformed into a Were-Shark. Shortly after her powers manifested, both Angel and Mystique attempted to recruit her to their respective causes. Iara initially refused both of their offers, prompting Mystique to try to take her by force. Angel was able to rescue Iara and brought her to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, where she later decided to enroll and live part-time while returning to Brazil on the weekends.[2]

She was among the students to go in the Frankenstein's Monster's Murder Circus. She battled a mind-controlled Warbird and zombies clowns.[3]


Iara is a new mutant activated after the Phoenix dispersion and has displayed the following mutant powers:

  • Selachothropy: Iara can transform into a shark. She can also retain full memory of herself, and therefore has her human consciousness while in her shark and transitional forms. In her transitional form she is able to stand erect on her legs and retain the use of her hands. Other effects or transitional forms include:
  • Amphibious physiological adaptation: This hybrid physiology means she can survive indefinitely underwater or on land. However, like sharks, if she tastes blood, she goes on a frenzy for a time.
    • Superhuman strength: As Wolverine describes, having a punch that can shatter cinder blocks.
    • Superhuman speed: Has impressive speed which is greatest while swimming.
    • Superhuman stamina: Iara has an advanced musculature that produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of normal human beings.
    • Amphibious breathing: She can breathe indefinitely underwater due to having gills; however, can also breathe on land indefinitely.
    • Sharp claws and fangs


  • Talented swimmer: Iara was a talented swimmer even before her mutant powers manifested.


In her shark-form, partial or total, Iara can lose control of her body, submerged by shark instinct such as blood hunger.

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