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The Ice Box is Canada's super-human prison. Located deep in the Northwest Territories, the surrounding area is so inhospitable as to make escape near-impossible.

There has only been one recorded escape: the Confessor was hired by Ivan the Terrible to free his operative, Sickle. The Confessor used the cover of a blizzard and freed some of the other prisoners as a distraction to escape with Sickle.[1]

Alternate Realities

Deadpool 2 (Earth-41633)

Firefist being detained in the Ice Box

On Earth-41633, the Ice Box is a prison designed to contain dangerous mutants and operated by D.M.C. Using Inhibitor Collar to suppress their powers, the D.M.C. guards are very brutal with their detainees. After being apprehended by the authorities, Deadpool and Firefist were detained at this facility. Not long after arriving, Cable raided the prison to try to kill Firefist. Fortunately, Cable was stopped by Deadpool. Because of the damage during Cable's assault, the remaining prisoners were being transferred via convoy when X-Force and Cable attacked. Most of the prisoners (including Black Tom Cassidy) were killed during the assault, while Firefist and Juggernaut were able to escape.[2]

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