Ice Crusher is an enchanted warhammer crafted by the Frost Giants to serve as the traditional/ceremonial weapon of their chieftains on at least one version of Jotunheim. Wielded by the Laufey of that reality, it bears the souls of a hundred generations of Frost Giant kings, and is steeped in their magic. Having conquered his reality's version of Asgard and scattered or slain almost all of its denizens, Laufey ultimately decides to give Ice Crusher to his adopted son, Thor, as he views the adopted Agardian to be a worthier recipient for it than his own stunted, sorcery-wielding child, Loki. When Laufey is slain by Loki, Thor takes up Ice Crusher as his own, formally claiming the position of ruler of Jotunheim.[1]


Ice Crusher is a brutal, primitive-looking weapon, apparently fashioned from either a blue-colored, highly reflective steel or from a supernaturally durable ice. Much like the Mjolnir wielded by other versions of Thor, it consists of an unadorned, rectangular block attached to a handle wrapped in leather. Unlike Mjolnir, one of Ice Crusher's striking faces is comprised of uneven spikes, giving it a jagged, roughly-forged or shaped look; these spikes give it a more brutal ability to inflict damage on its wielder's foes. Whilst its handle is of medium length, allowing it to be used as either a one-handed or two-handed weapon, it is scaled for a Frost Giant, and as such, Thor must wield it in both hands - not due to strength issues, but for greater balance and control, as otherwise it becomes unwieldy.[1]


Ice Crusher's precise powers are unknown, beyond being a powerful weapon that can slay magical creatures. One known ability is that it grants its bearer the power to project magical blasts of intense cold, so potent that one such blast unintentionally slew Thor's mother, Freya, when she pushed Loki out of its way only to be hit herself. It can also serve as a conduit for Thor Laufeyson's own innate powers as the God of Storms, allowing him to summon and command both blizzards and his traditional thunderstorms, leading to his adoption of the moniker "God of Winter".[1]


  • It bears mentioning that the appearance of Ice Crusher differs in its depictions; whilst it appears as described above in the pages of What If? Thor #1, on the cover, it appears instead as a Mjolnir-sized weapon consisting of a leather-wrapped shaft of metal with translucent ice frozen into a crude striking head at one end.[1]

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