The origins of the Ice King are unknown; he lives in a secret cavern beneath Antarctica, somewhere near the location of Atlantis when the kingdom was located in the Antarctic region. He claims that he can only reveal himself to one mortal being every ten years before going into seclusion. He was first discovered in the mid-1920s by a young Sub-Mariner who was exploring around his home. The Ice King claimed that he and Namor were friends, and that he had aided the young boy in the past, and Namor had aided him, although Namor was not aware of his existence or how the Ice King came to save him.

After their initial encounter, Namor returned to his people and tried to tell his fellow Atlanteans about the Ice King, but the young prince's claims were shrugged off and laughed at. When herds of seals, which the Atlanteans relied on for survival, began to vanish, Namor sought the Ice King's aid. The Ice King secretly assisted Namor in pushing icebergs around the ice sheet where the seals where located, preventing them from swimming out of the area. When the young Sub-Mariner told his people that the Ice King helped him, he was once more laughed off.

Furious, Namor went to the Ice King and asked him to reveal himself to the Atlanteans. However, the Ice King declined, telling Namor about how he can only reveal himself to a single mortal once every ten years. The Ice King then wished Namor the best, telling the boy that they will likely never see each other ever again. As Namor left the Ice King's lair, an earthquake struck, sealing the tunnel.

The Ice King has not been seen since. His current status is unknown.


The Ice King has a certain level of command over ice, the exact extents of these powers are unknown.


The Ice King claims that he can only reveal himself to a single mortal once every ten years. The exact extent and cause of this condition are not clearly established.

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