The so-called Ice People were a unique alien race that resided on an unspecified frozen world on Earth-5391, a universe where space travel and technology boomed in the late 20th century. Prior to their dominance, their world was ruled by prehistoric beasts that were eventually wiped out or frozen in ice, entering a state of suspended animation. Their world was first visited by the human race when a group of Earth explorers discovered their world in the year 2050. The Ice People feared that the Earthmen would free the frozen beasts. Although doing so was punishable by death, they were lenient to the alien visitors and merely froze them in ice.

25 years later in the year 2075, Speed Carter and Johnny Day of the Space Sentinels crash landed on the Ice People's planet following a battle with space pirates. Discovering the frozen explorers from 2050, they used the rockets from their damaged spacecraft to thaw them out and learned they were in suspended animation for over 2 decades. They were confronted by a group of Ice People who then put Speed and the others neutralized with their freeze rays. However there were renegade elements among the Ice People who then stole Speed and Johnny's Hydro-Guns and unleashed the prehistoric beasts to destroy them.

The traitors left Speed, Johnny, the explorers and their leaders at the hands of the creatures. Unfrozen by the leader of the Ice People, Speed led them to the explorers ship and managed to escape the planet. Meanwhile, the renegade faction of Ice People tried to escape in Speed's damaged rocket and found that it could not take off. They were then attacked by the prehistoric beasts who caused the rocket to explode killing them all. With the threat neutralized, Speed made peace with the Ice People and returned them to their world[1].

Powers and Abilities


The Ice People were resilient to the cold.


Habitat: Earth standard but with arctic conditions
Gravity: Earth standard
Atmosphere: Earth standard


Level of Technology: Advanced. While not appearing to have any space flight technology the Ice People developed a ray that could paralyze their victims or literally freeze them in ice.

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