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Ice Princess is of Inuit heritage. She was first seen aboard the S. S. Superia, and participated in the assault on Captain America and Paladin. Later, when Paladin and the Asp rescued Diamondback, they were confronted by the Ice Princess, alongside Ferocia, the Iron Maiden, and Whiteout. Diamondback used one of Ice Princess's ice spikes to stab Ferocia and stop her from mauling the Asp. The four Femizons were defeated and the others stole their costumes to sneak off the island unmolested.[1]

She appeared years later, attempting to take over upper Manhattan alongside Wrangler but was captured by Speedball, Hazmat, and Mettle.[2]

Powers and Abilities


It is uncertain whether Ice Princess' powers stem from within her or her costume.

  • Ice Control: Ice Princess could generate and project freezing winds, ice slides, and small objects out of ice.

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