The Iceberg Rocket was a missile that carried a payload of chemical foam capable of instantly freezing its target on contact.

Modern Age

General Ross and his men were conducting final tests on the Iceberg Rocket at the Los Diablos Missile Base. Ross, hoping that the rocket would prove to be the weapon which would one day capture the Hulk, ordered his men to fire a decoy missile shaped like the Hulk, then they launched the Iceberg Rocket after the Hulk facsimile. The Iceberg Rocket flew in pursuit and released its payload of a quick-freezing chemical foam; the test was proven successful when the frozen "Hulk" fell to the ground. [1]

As the real Hulk was leaping across the desert landscape, he was detected by a monitoring station, which relayed the news back to General Ross. Ross then ordered the Iceberg Rocket to be launched at the Hulk. The rocket hit the jade giant in midair, and he dropped to the ground, trapped in a rock-hard chunk of ice. But the green goliath's body temperature was so intense, it caused the ice to melt, and he was able to break free and escape before Ross and his men could get to him. [2]

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