According to Kak informations, Id was born with Ego in the Black Galaxy; Id came to being coalescing over millions of years from cosmic gases and dust. But like Ego, he developed consciousness and intelligence. Id's consciousness evolved naturally within the moon itself, apparently through a process similar to that which enables certain stars to achieve consciousness, although this affirmation is denied by the theory of Ego's creation by the Stranger.

As Ego wanted to keep secret from the Rigellians and other sentient races, Id was intending to have fun, and decided to go solo at one point, looking for others for companionship, partying and fun, but there was no others like Id[1]. The loneliness drive Id crazy and he keep looking for party, but to destroy them instead, using his seismic waves to cause catastrophic force that reduced the planets and their inhabitants to space dust, as for the always-partying planet of Kegger 24-7 and many other planets.[2]

At some point, Id destroyed the planet Ongulia, and the remaining Ongulians of the Ongulian Defense Fleet, led by the Commander Kak, aboard their Command Ship of the Ongulian Defense Fleet|Command Ship, swore revenge on Id. During six years, the Ongulians observed Id and looked for allies, calling one time Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery but their mission was denied.

Later, Funtzel called them back and Deadpool was sent to kill Id. He removed the Urrulians, farmers from Urrulu, a planet targeted by Id, but not before making the inhabitants crop-circling a mocking message to Id, angering Id.

He then made Id come to U-235, a mining planet Id blew up and sniffed too, unbeknownst to the Ongulian nuclear fission bomb put there by Deadpool, killing Id from the inside.[3]


Seismic Wave Generation: Id possesses the superhuman ability to generate cataclysmic seismic waves, powerful enough to shatter other planets into dust. The use of it powers requires to Id to concentrate, leaving Id defenseless for a moment.


  • Madness: Id's loneliness drove him crazy, and Id had so a total lack of prudence of social interaction, looking only for destruction and planet powder to sniff.
  • Dependence: Id has developed a dependence for the dust of the planets he blows up, and enjoys to sniff it, needing always more of it.
  • Concentration: The use of its powers requires Id to concentrate, leaving Id defenseless for a moment.

Id presumably destroyed the following planets:

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