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The Ideaverse is a "pocket multiverse",[3] an "hidden metaverse" in which all of the literary characters that inspired the Marvel Comics heroes and villains live together.[4] The characters live in a time-loop in which the tales are repeated over and over.[citation needed]

Angie Turner

An insane woman named Angie Turner was able to summon characters from this universe and bring them into her mind. Once she summoned the Frankenstein's Monster, D'Artagnan, Tom Sawyer, Injun Joe, Robin Hood, and Zorro. She also made the error of summoning the real life Dracula. After a battle against the fictional character, Dracula was banished back to his native reality.[5][verification needed]

Invasion by Nightmare

This reality was later invaded by the dream demon known as Nightmare allowing him to take over all of fiction. Nightmare's scheme was foiled by the Fantastic Four.[6]

Deadpool Massacre

As Deadpool of Earth-12101 was committing mass murder across the multiverse to get rid of superheroes, he was proposed by his think-tank of captive villains to travel to the Ideaverse and slaughter its characters, the "inspirational building blocks" of modern heroes and villains. Deadpool consequently exported his killing spree there.[4] Sherlock Holmes, who was unable to stop Deadpool, instead remembered the stories to bring his fellow ideas back to life.[7]


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