Quote1.png For me, it's my daughter.......my baby girl, who I haven't seen in twenty years. Quote2.png
-- Vulture

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Solicit Synopsis

  • When six of Marvel's most violent and cunning villains join forces, the fate of every hero in the world is at stake. Sabretooth, Bullseye, the Juggernaut, Deadpool, Sandman and the Vulture -- are forced to work together by a mysterious agent who somehow knows every dark and dirty secret in their violent lives.
  • Their mission: to retrieve the nearly priceless Identity Disc -- purported to contain the true identities, the home addresses and even the credit reports of every hero in the Marvel Universe.
  • To obtain the disc, hidden deep in the bowels of a practically impenetrable A.I.M. terrorist base, this agent will need an army. Or six super-villains. But how long can these psychopaths work together before the chaos begins?

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