Early years

Idomeneus was the warrior-king of Crete.[1]

He was one of the many suitors of Helen, and so was bound to an oath of loyalty towards Menelaus, whom Helen had chosen for husband.[2]

Trojan War

Therefore, he joined the Trojan War when Paris, son of Priam, king of Troy stole Helen.[1]

He battled the Amazons of Penthesileia, killing Bremusa.[1]

When Odysseus and Ajax both claimed the armor of fallen Achilles, offered by his mother Thetis to the one that had retrieved his body, Ajax proposed to let Agamemnon, Nestor and Idomeneus judge. As Nestor highlighted that the loser would be wrathful towards the judge, Agamemnon gave the task to high-born Trojan prisoners, who designated Odysseus as the winner.[3]





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