The Mutant who would become the High Mutant Prophet Idyll was born on Arakko and was raised alongside the High Summoner. Thanks to his status as an Omega Level Mutant Idyll became a member of the Great Ring of Arakko.[3] However, he suffered a vision in which Arakko would inevitably fall to the forces of Amenth. He presented his vision to Genesis and the rest of the Ring, but Genesis at first laughed at him and threatened him to rip his head off his shoulders. Yet, Genesis decided to consider Idyll's vision and proceeded to go on years-long journey which eventually proved to be all in vain.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Idyll is an Omega Level mutant,[3] with the following powers:

  • Precognition: Idyll is capable of seeing visions of the future.[1]
  • Advanced Longevity: Just like most mutants native to Arakko, Idyll is hundreds of years old.[1]


  • Blindness: After suffering a vision of Arakko's demise, this vision left Idyll blinded.[1]



  • Unknown Sphere

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