Ignatius Fowler was an introverted child who lived a reclusive life, enjoying his studies and having no time for friends, playing, or romance, finding nothing more enjoyable than expanding his mind and learning all he could about nuclear physics. As a teenager, while most of his peers were out enjoying dances and dating, he stayed home and worked on scientific formulas. He graduated from College at age 16, earning the highest grades in the school's history. He used his expertise to earn a fortune and founded the Fowler Research Institute. There he continued his experiments in nuclear physics, and soon became renown as one of the greatest scientific minds of his generation.

One day in 1948 he was alone in his lab when some thieves broke in, seeking to steal the valuable supply of Radium and Uranium in his lab, setting off the alarm. Ignatius was manhandled by the crooks who demanded he reveal where the isotopes where hidden when suddenly the Blonde Phantom came crashing in through a window. As the Blonde Phantom easily subdued the crooks, Ignatius found himself falling madly in love with the Blonde Phantom. After the police took the crooks away, Ignatius then proposed marriage to the heroine. Unable to help herself, the Blonde Phantom laughed at the proposal and then politely declined the offer. Filled with rage, Fowler vowed to make the Blonde Phantom his wife by making himself literally the last man on Earth.

To this end, he created a "Mist of Sleep" out of a chemical compound and used remote control blimps to spread the mist all over the world. The mist caused all men on Earth, except for himself, to go into an eternal sleep. He then broadcast to the women of the world and informed them that unless the Blonde Phantom agreed to marry him, the men of Earth would remain in this perpetual state of sleep for the rest of their lives. Sure enough, a mob of women brought the Blonde Phantom to Fowler and he once more demanded that she marry him. Blonde Phantom then used her female charm to get Fowler to show her how he succeeded in putting the men of the world to sleep. Shown the antidote, Blonde Phantom then smashed open the chemical vat and filled a vial with the antidote and then locked herself in the hanger where Ignatius kept his blimps. Furious, Fowler led an army of women to knock down the door. When this failed, he planted a bomb, but before it could go off the Blonde Phantom unleashed the antidote waking all the men of Earth. The Blonde Phantom's ally Mark Mason and an army of men disarmed the bomb then freed the Blonde Phantom from the hanger.[1]

In the aftermath of the whole affair, Ignatius Fowler was committed to a mental institution for treatment.

His subsequent fate is unknown.


Fowler was a brilliant nuclear physicist and chemist.


Fowler created a "Mist of Sleep" that caused men to fall into a coma-like state that they could not be awoken from without a special antidote. Fowler was immune to this mist himself, and used remote control blimps to unleash the mist all over the globe.

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