Igor and Stansky were sent by their superior to help the Black Widow use the Anti-Gravity Device against Tony Stark, Iron Man and Fort Knox.

Iron Man found them a few mintues after they had arrived to Black Widow's hideout, and he easily took care of Stansky and Igor, causing them to escape in fear. They reunited with the Black Widow in the street after she incapacitated Iron Man.

They travelled to Fort Knox, where Black Widow used the Anti-Gravity Device to make an entire mountain levitate. Stansky and Igor where rescued by Iron Man from the mountain when it fell, and they were subsequently arrested.[1]

Some time later, Igor and Georgi visited Rhino after he came out of jail, offering to restore and enhance his powers if he would aid them in capturing Bruce Banner for their superiors, who were hoping to unlock the secret behind the Hulk. During the subsequent attack near JFK Airport, thanks to interference by Rick Jones, Igor fell off the helicopter piloted by Georgi.[2]

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