Igor Drenkov was an old lab partner of Bruce Banner. They worked together on the super soldier program. He went missing and was presumed dead awhile after the gamma bomb explosion which turned Bruce into the Hulk. Some time later, Igor became jealous of Bruce's incredible power as the Hulk.[1]

Years later, he attempts to recreate the accident by stealing gamma based technology from the likes of S.H.I.E.L.D., A.I.M., Justin Hammer and Tony Stark, during so he manages to depower the Hulk back into Bruce Banner for a while. His plans where stopped by the Avengers but was able to capture Bruce and strip the Gamma radiation from Bruce to empower himself. The Avengers arrive to save their teammate while they battle Igor. Bruce manages to expose himself with gamma radiation and turn into the Hulk again to join in their fight. They were able to depower Igor and Banner knocks him out as Bruce.[1]


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