Igraine was a sea-princess of Avalon, the largest surviving island, still flourishing eight thousand years after the Great Catastrophe, and the daughter of the ancient priest of the sun,[1] Amlawdd, birthed by Gwert. She was the sister of Duke Elise.[2]

She married a man of the sacred clan, and birthed a daughter, Morgan.

As the custom went, Morgan was taken to be trained at the House of Virgins to serve as Avalon's sea-princess, the great sun temple of the Crystal City of the volcanic island of Ruta. The women were given in marriage to men of the sacred clan for magical purposes, forbiding Morgan the love she seeked.

A young priest, Myraddin was warned of the upcoming and long foretold catastrophe that was going to occur. The ancient priest of the sun entrusted Myraddin with his secret scrolls, and with his daughter Igraine.

Myraddin and Igraine rushed to the House of Virgins where they took Morgan, and flew on a merchant ship from Tingail, while the remaining islands of Atlantis were drowned by great tidal waves caused by the burst of the volcano.[1]


They ended up on the Isle of Britain, where Myraddin changed his name to Merlin and established his druid worship in Stonehenge. He arranged for Igraine to marry Gorlois, Duke of the Tin Islands, who adopted Morgan. Gorlois was killed by Uther Pendragon, who took Igraine for queen. She birthed a son, Arthur

Growing into a fine young woman, Morgan followed Merlin to Aran Island to become his apprentice, in exchange to also becoming his lover, but failed to her pledge. Eventually, Morgan would oppose to Merlin and Arthur, and was imprisoned by Merlin in Castle Le Fey.[1]


A jewel became that Igraine became known as the Eye of Igraine, and allowed to summon Morgan.[3]

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