Igron was a wizard in service to Loki. When Loki had seized Odin's imperial ring during one of the All-Father's bouts of Odinsleep, he was forced by Balder to send him to the Sea of Eternal Night, were Odin was sleeping in a capsule[1]. He fled with Loki to Earth, where he created the Living Mask, which allowed Loki to exchange bodies with Thor. As his reward, Loki sent him to the dungeons of the Trolls of Asgard[2].

Igron found a chance to escape while the Trolls were occupied in an attempted invasion of Midgard[3]. He returned to Asgard to find it deserted, its citizens having been abducted by the slavers of the Golden Star[4]. When the rescued citizens returned without Odin, Thor, or their closest allies, Igron disguised himself and magical constructs of his own creation as the royal court to take their place. When the real nobles returned, Thor and his allies ended the ruse, defeated the impostors, and imprisoned Igron in Asgard's dungeons.[5]

Igron eventually encountered the depowered and shrunken Mangog in the dungeons and forged an alliance with it. He tapped into the life force of the Asgardians to return Mangog to full size, disguised it as the then-absent Odin, and made it so its power was derived from the Asgardian's collective worship rather than of its race's collective hatred as it had been before. For a brief period, Mangog ruled Asgard as Odin and appointed Igron his new advisor, but their oppressive regime soon turned the Asgardians' worship into rebellion. Mangog turned on Igron when it decided his usefulness was at an end, killing him shortly before succumbing to burning out the last of the energy sustaining it.[6]

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