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Ikari (Japanese for "fury") was a costumed martial artist hired by Bullseye to help Lady Bullseye kill Daredevil. Ikari wore a Japanese version of Daredevil's original costume and claimed to have a radar sense just like him.[1]

His true identity is unknown, but there's info that he was a proficient combatant given enhanced senses in an accident identical to Daredevil's. When they fought, Ikari brutally beat Daredevil, nearly killing him.[1]

Ikari was hired by the Kingpin to kidnap Daredevil's closest friends, Kirsten McDuffie and Foggy Nelson as a leverage.[2] When Murdock discovered what Kingpin had done, Fisk ordered Ikari to fight Murdock to the death. If Murdock won, one of his friends would die. Daredevil and Ikari engaged in combat for hours, until the Shroud appeared on the scene, because Kingpin had kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, Julia Carpenter, and stabbed Ikari with a Darkforce construct before throwing him off the rooftop.[3]

After his body disappeared from the ambulance where it was being transported,[4] Ikari's severed head appeared in Kraven's island hideout, being displayed as a trophy.[5]



Superhuman Sensory System


Highly trained martial artist




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