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Quote1 My fellow Eternals -- We are at WAR!! Quote2

Ikaris is a member of the Eternals, a genetically superior offshoot race of humanity who possess abilities such as levitation and immortality. He is often seen as one of the most prominent Eternals, leading his race of people in many adventures.

Ikaris lived for hundreds of centuries on Earth as humanity evolved and developed. Throughout this time, Ikaris had many adventures battling the opposing genetic offshoot race from humans, the Deviants, who were created at the same time as and who have a never-ending hate for the Eternals. Ikaris also spent much of his life preparing for the return of the cosmic beings known as the Celestials, and he helped welcome them when they returned to Earth in the 20th century. Like almost all Eternals, Ikaris went mad and killed himself when he found out the dark secret of his race's purpose on Earth, but he was reborn later. Ikaris also helped fight the power-hungry alien known as Thanos on two occasions.


Early Life[]

Ikaris, like every Eternal, was created by the Celestials one million years ago and has looked after humanity ever since.[12][13]

Around 200,000 years ago, when arguments about whether the Eternals should try to expand the Machine by seeking a means of true Eternal reproduction escalated into war, Ikaris was a member of the minority faction who supported A'Lars. Near the end of the war that led to the Titan Schism, the Zurasian faction discovered where in the Isolation the A'Larsians were awakening and began ambushing them as soon as they resurrected. Ikaris was killed seven times before he managed to escape and make his way to the A'Larsian base. It was only after he had entered the base that it was discovered that Sprite had used him to sneak inside so that he could deliver a message to A'Lars from his mother, Daina, who had a proposal for how to end the war. Once Daina's proposal had been accepted by both Zuras and A'Lars, the war ended and the Titan Schism took place. As had been agreed, the majority of the Eternals had their memories of the war removed. After being reset, Sprite wondered what side they had been on and asked Ikaris if they could have been on opposite sides. Ikaris replied that the idea of the two of them waging war on one another revolted him.[14]

At the time of the Great Cataclysm that sank Atlantis and devastated Earth about twenty thousand years ago, the Eternal Utnapishtim built an ark in order to save some human beings as well as animals from the flooding. Later, Ikaris came to guide them to a mountain top, where the survivors could disembark to restart society.[15][16][17]

His uncle Valkin and the Eternal Phastos constructed the Pyramid of the Winds and the storehouses below it in the Arctic icecap. There were housed objects of tremendous power, including a weapon that the alien, virtually omnipotent Celestials once used to destroy one of the Celestials' own race.[18] The symbol of the Pyramid seems to have been imprinted on Ikaris's brow somehow. Although the symbol is usually not visible, it once appeared when Ikaris was subjected to tremendous neural pain. On his costume Ikaris wore certain symbols, which had a unique molecular pattern. Recreating this pattern was the means by which the vault holding the Pyramid's most dangerous secrets could be opened. Not only was Ikaris trusted with wearing this pattern, but the symbols were designed so that they would glow and change into pyramid shapes if intruders successfully breached the Pyramid.[citation needed]

Ancient Greece[]

Ikaris fought against countless monstrous Deviants in their various attempts to oppress humanity. In the days of Greek mythology, Ikaris was assigned to battle Deviants (including a Minotaur-shaped Deviant) in the labyrinthine tunnels they had dug beneath the Aegean Sea. During this time he met and married a mortal human woman whom he met in Minoan Crete, and they had a son, whom they named Ikaris. The younger Ikaris delighted in being carried aloft by the elder Ikaris in flight. With the aid of Phastos and the Eternal Makkari, the elder Ikaris constructed an artificial flying device so that the young Ikaris could fly. But before the elder Ikaris could teach his young son how to use the device properly, he had to leave on a long mission fighting Deviants in distant areas of the globe. He was gone for years, and his wife fell into despair. The younger Ikaris, convinced that his father must have been trapped by enemies, put on the flying device to fly in search of him. But the younger Ikaris soared too high into the atmosphere, and fainted for lack of oxygen. He drifted in the upper atmosphere for days until the sun's ultraviolet rays burned out the device's controls, and he fell into the sea. The elder Ikaris eventually returned, and found and buried his son's body. He then adopted his son's name as a memorial to him.[1]

Ikaris and Phastos observed Hercules defending the city of Lerna from the Hydra. They grew concerned that an Olympian god was among the mortals. They decided to continue to observe the situation and intervene as necessary.[19]

Third Host[]

Ikaris' own father, Virako, died battling mutated earthworm about one thousand years ago, during a group of Eternals' preparations for the coming of the Third Host of the Celestials. Valkin then adopted Ikaris as his own son.[7] During the thousand years that followed, Ikaris trained to sharpen his senses, so that he could locate the beacon left behind by the Celestials in the Incas' Chamber of the Gods in Peru to guide the Fourth Host of the Celestials there.[2]

15th century[]

In the late 15th century famed artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci created a sculptor of Ikaris.[20]

Modern Age[]

Iaris and the Eternals using their combined powers create a foundation for Black Bolt to hide the city of Attilan in a hidden trench located in the Himalayas.[21]

Ikaris and Pixie met with Velmax at a diner to discuss the return of the Skrulls to Earth.[22]

The Fourth Host[]

When the time approached for the Celestials' return, Ikaris, posing as a guide named "Ike Harris", went to the Chamber with the human archaeologist Dr. Daniel Damian and his daughter Margo Damian. (Ikaris posed as a human being so as not to alert the Deviants.) Ikaris revealed his true identity to the Damians, fought off a Deviant attack force trying to destroy the beacon[2] and reawakened Ajak.[23] He tried to defend New York City against the Deviants' attack, but was captured and imprisoned in a tube at the bottom of the ocean.[24] He was released after Thena had reached a truce with Kro and his forces and was amongst the group who revealed the races' existence to Professor Samuel Holden.[25]


Intelligencia used cloaking technology to sneak by Ikaris and the Eternals to find their massive archive of ancient texts in hopes of finding data from the Library of Alexandria.[26]

Contest of Champions[]

The Grandmaster kidnapped Ikaris and every known hero away from Earth. They was sent to battle in a specially made arena.[27]

Iron Man[]

Ikaris and the Eternals were captured while in Olympia by Kro and held in suspended animation until saved by Iron Man who had been brought to the city after Thena had mentally reprogrammed his armor to do so.[28][29]

Guardian of Humanity[]

Ikaris and Margo Damian had by now fallen in love. When the Eternal race decided to leave Earth after the departure of the Celestials' Fourth Host, the Eternals' collective consciousness in the form of the Uni-Mind decreed that certain Eternals who were particularly involved with Earthly matters, including Ikaris, remain behind.[30] Ikaris remained on Earth as a guardian of humanity against any menace posed by the Deviants.[3] Ikaris and his allies tried to stop Warlord Kro from raiding the Pyramid of the Winds.[31] He led an attempt by various Eternals to thwart the plans of the Deviant priestlord Ghaur to achieve vast power for his race. Ikaris became the Prime Eternal, after successfully challenging Thena.[32] They were unsuccessful in stopping Ghaur from acquiring the essence of the Dreaming Celestial, and thus assuming the power of a Celestial himself. Ikaris and the Eternals joined forces with the Avengers West Coast to stop Ghaur from freeing the true Dreaming Celestial.[33]

High Evolutionary[]

Ikaris alongside the Eternals were attacked by the High Evolutionary when he came to study the DNA of the powerful offshoots of humanity.[34]

Mahd Wy'ry[]

When Sersi became ill with Mahd Wy'ry, an incurable degenerative "disease" of the Eternals, they attempted to bring her back to Olympia to perform the "Rite of Cleansing", but she refused as it was a process in which the inflicted is killed. She instead asked him to perform the "Gann Josin" between her and her lover the Black Knight. Ikaris was not best pleased but agreed and the two was soul bonded in matrimony.[8]


Ikaris and the Eternals joined the battle against Thanos when he tried to become one with the Universe.[35]

Memory Wipe[]

Ikaris and his fellow Eternals were victims of memory wipe caused by Sprite. She caused them all to forget their true identities. Believing himself to be "Ike Harris" he was captured Deviants; Morjak and Gelt who vaporized his body but he survived and appeared beneath Olympia. This caused him to regain his memory and powers and began his mission to recover all the Eternals. He teamed up with Makkari in hope of reawakening the lost the ninety others.[36]

Battling the Red Hulk[]

Hulk Vol 2 49 Textless

Facing the Red Hulk

Ikaris was observing the Red Hulk taking out a Hydra-like sea creature on the island of Kavai. Sersi relayed the battle to Ikaris who presented this information to Olympia. They began to debate on how to handle humanity, they wondered if they should leave them be, defend them, or rule over them. While some think they should form the Uni-Mind, Thena points out that it only leads to the Eternals leaving for the stars. The conversation was interrupted by Sersi's scream and Ikaris travelled to the island to help. It was revealed that Red Hulk was about to attack Sersi but she explained she was only there to prove to the Eternals humanity can be heroic. He stood down but it was too late and Ikaris attacked and knocked into the nearby volcano. Machine Man tried to help but he was no match for the Eternal. Red Hulk recovered and threw a massive rock at Ikaris. During the fight the Red Hulk was forced to stop to divert the magma flow from the volcano to save the people of the island. Sersi convinced him that it was all a big misunderstanding. They travelled back to Olympia and Zuras was unimpressed with the humans champions and time would still tell on how they will deal with the humans.[19]


Ikaris was kidnapped by Tanalth and used him as a weapon against the Invaders who came to Hala in order to rescue Namor and stop the Kree from using the Gods' Whisperer.[37][38]

Dark Celestials[]

When the countless bodies of Celestials rained down on the Earth to herald the arrival of the Dark Celestials, the Eternals learned a dark truth that drove them mad: that the true purpose of their kind was to cultivate humankind, since the First Host of Celestials allowed humanity to thrive because they saw in their genetic makeup the potential to act as antibodies against the Horde. In their madness, the Eternals either turned against each other or committed suicide, including Ikaris. Before dying, he was found by Iron Man and Doctor Strange who had traveled to Olympia to investigate the Final Host. Ikaris told the pair how he and fellow Eternals lost their minds because their true purpose was hidden. Hoping to help the heroes stop the Horde, Ikaris mentally passed on to Iron Man the key to summon a Uni-Mind.[39]

Eternal Rebirth[]

After the mass suicidal event causing all the Eternals die after learning the truth of their being, they were all rebirthed at once due to their eternal (both species and longevity-wise) nature. Ikaris being the last Eternal to die during the Dark Celestials rein, he was the last to be resurrected. Tasked by Zuras with freeing Sprite (now reborn as a young woman), he followed her to New York City traveling around Times Square, and subduing Deviants. When they both came back from their trip to New York City, they were both suspected in the freshly murdered Zuras. Ikaris and Sprite tracked the murderer's trail to the ruined city of Titanos where they encountered Zuras' apparent murderer, the Mad Titan Thanos.[13]

Ikaris eagerly battled Thanos, but Thanos proved too much. So, Sprite created an illusion of Ikaris to distract Thanos while she and Ikaris escaped. The pair returned to Olympia and told their fellow Eternals of Thanos' return. Later, he learned from Phastos that the wardens of the Exclusion were dead and the resurrection machine was inoperable, so Zuras couldn't be resurrected. Also, the machines of resurrection were connected to Earth's biosphere; if they weren't fixed within a week, Earth would be rendered uninhabitable for humans. Ikaris then left to meet with a human named Toby Robson who he swore to give his life to protect.[40]

Ikaris and his fellow Eternals later confronted Gilgamesh, suspecting him to be traitor. Sersi lured Gilgamesh out by pretending to harm Tony Stark. Then Ikaris attacked Gilgamesh. After a brief battle, Gilgamesh was restrained with manacles and interrogated. Gilgamesh convinced his accusers to allow him to prove his innocence. When Gilgamesh did prove he was innocent, he revealed that it was actually Phastos who was the traitor. As Ikaris and his fellow Eternals were arriving to confront Phastos, Thanos was lying in wait to ambush them.[41]

Ikaris and his fellow Eternals were able to overwhelm Thanos, but then Phastos accidentally teleported him and the others all over Earth while trying to teleport them to the Exclusion to help him fix the resurrection machine he broke. Ikaris quickly flew from the North Pole to the the Exclusion and gave his life to use his matter manipulation power to repair the machine. After Ikaris was resurrected, he learned the reason for Phastos' actions: Eternals were resurrected at the cost of human lives and that the resurrection machines couldn't be turned off without endangering Earth.

Ikaris then learned from Sprite that his latest resurrection came at the cost of Toby Robson's life. Ikaris and the other Eternals discussed the problem with the newly resurrected Zuras but realized that it was unlikely that the resurrection process would ever be changed. So, Ikaris and other Eternals met with the Deviants in the city of Lemuria, asking how to become like them.[42]


Power Grid[50]
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Earth-Eternal Physiology: Ikaris possesses all the conventional abilities common among the Eternals of Earth. Like all Eternals, his life force is augmented by cosmic energy and he has total mental control over his physical form and bodily processes even when he is asleep or unconscious. Ikaris is one of the most powerful Eternals in existence and the second most powerful on Earth, second only to Zuras.

  • Immortality: He is unable to die by age and is resistant to diseases and toxins to an unknown degree.
  • Superhuman Strength: Ikaris is stronger than the average Eternal and most others (with the exception of Thanos, Gilgamesh, Interloper-equal in strength, and Hyperion of Earth-712). He is capable of fighting powerful opponents such as Red Hulk and Thanos on equal ground.[19][40]
  • Superhuman Durability: He has an extraordinary level of durability capable of being submerged in lava[19] or struck by Red Hulk[19] and Hercules.[43] Among the earth bound Eternals, his durability is only surpassed by Zuras.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Cosmic energy bolsters Ikaris's metabolism so that he does not tire from any physical exertion.
  • Regeneration: Should Ikaris be injured somehow, he could regenerate any injured or missing tissue. An Eternal can only die through an injury that disperses a significant portion of his body molecules, or if he is injured after his mental control over his body is somehow broken.
  • Gravitational Flight: Ikaris can levitate himself by mentally manipulating gravitons (subatomic particles carrying the force of gravitational attraction between atoms) around himself. He can also levitate other persons and objects, even while simultaneously levitating himself. Ikaris is able to fly via self-levitation at approximately 850 miles per hour (1.1 times the speed of sound), a rate of speed most other Eternals cannot match. He has been able to fly from the town of Little Hollow in the USA to Celestia and back in less than a minute.[44]
  • Psionics: Ikaris has low level psychic abilities, enabling him to scan the superficial thoughts of any mind less adept than his own. He can mentally create illusions so as to disguise himself. Ikaris can also psionically manipulate atoms and molecules so as to transform an object's shape. However, Ikaris is only a second-level adept on a five level scale (the fifth level being the highest) in this discipline. He can rearrange molecules in the air so as to create a virtually impenetrable shield about himself.[2]
    • Telepathy: Ikaris has shown that he is capable of telepathy. The first time he used it to communicate for a short time with Sersi,[45] and he managed to mentally control Yellowjacket.[46]
    • Telekinesis: Ikaris is a highly adept psychokinetic whom can mentally control and rearrange matter at a minutia level, being able to construct a ship from it's base parts with the power of his thoughts,[47] as easily as he could bring people along while in flight.[45]
  • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Ikaris can project cosmic energy in the form of beams from his eyes or beams and flashes from his hands. This cosmic energy, stored in specialized enclaves of cells in his body, can be used as force, heat, light, and possibly other forms of electromagnetic energy. Ikaris can project a maximum concussive force of at least 260 pounds per square inch. He can project heat of a maximum temperature of at least 3,000 Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt iron. It takes about one minute for him to attain this maximum temperature. Because Ikaris's heat beams can vaporize solid objects, they are often called his disintegration beams, The maximum range for his energy beams is about 200 feet. Ikaris is a fourth level adept on a five-level scale (the fifth level being the highest) in this discipline. The expenditure of cosmic energy in this way continually for several hours will temporarily deplete Ikaris's physical strength, but not his resistance to injury, although it will temporarily increase his sensitivity to pain. He will rapidly return to normal after such lengthy energy expenditure is over. At maximum these beams are capable of hurting Red Hulk, Hercules, and even Thanos.
  • Teleportation: Ikaris can teleport himself psionically, but prefers not to do so, since, like other Eternals, he finds the self-teleportation process physically unpleasant. He can also teleport other people along with himself.[45]
  • Enhanced Senses: Through a thousand years of training, Ikaris has vastly sharpened his senses to an extent that he would be able to warn the rest of the Eternals when the Celestials returned.


As Prime Eternal, Ikaris's attributes are increased to an unknown degree, and he is also able to form a Uni-Mind with other Eternals.


  • Ikaris was formerly claimed to be a third generation member of the Eternals.[48]

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