The Serpent was a member of the Imperial Japanese army during World War II. He was known for the poison glands under his finger nails that he used to slay his victims. In the spring of 1943, Emperor Hirohito dispatched the Serpent to eliminate Chinese-American Ling Toy who had heard the last broadcast of her boyfriend, Chinese fighter pilot Ching Wing, which hinted at a secret underground tunnel between Japan and the United States being built on Shoto Island.

The Serpent was opposed by the Young Allies who also heard the broadcast and came to Ling Toy's aid. Chased across the United States, China, and Japan the Young Allies were followed relentlessly by the Serpent. When the underground tunnel was discovered, the Young Allies rushed after the Serpent as he attempted to make his way to America to begin an invasion. The Young Allies fought and defeated the Serpent. Shamed by his defeat, he then scratched his own face lethally poisoning himself in an act of Soppiku. The Young Allies destroyed the tunnel shortly thereafter.


The Serpent had poison glands under his finger nails that would excrete a lethal poison when he scratched his victims. If these glands were a biological mutation or an enhancement of science is unknown. Nor is it known what sort of limitations these glands have.

Real name revealed in the Marvel Mystery Handbook: 70th Anniversary Special #1 (2009)

Hebi & Ja are Japanese words for Serpent(also Snake)[1]

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