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Siberian Tiger was a member of Father Garnoff's mutant underground in Russia. They worked with the original X-Factor to attack the Doppelganger's lab.[1]

Later on, they helped the original mutant Soviet Super-Soldiers escape government capture. A cyborg named Firefox killed most of Illich's teammates, leading him and Father Garnoff to join with their new allies in the Super-Soldiers, forming a group alternately called the Exiles or Siberforce.[2]

Sometime after that, Sibercat was made a member of the Winter Guard when Siberforce and the People's Protectorate merged into a single group. The group battled the Mandarin when his 'Dragon of Heaven' entered Russian airspace.[3]



Feline Form: Sibercat's feline-like mutation gave him heightened strength, speed, agility, endurance, 'catlike' reflexes, enhanced senses, a healing factor, and claws.


  • First appeared in X-Factor Annual #1 as Siberian Tiger; re-named in Soviet Super Soldiers #1.
  • Actually, Illich is not a Russian personal name, it is a patronym indicating that his father was named Ilya.

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