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Formerly Mr. Fantastic
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Black Priests


Similary to their Earth-616 counterpart, the Illuminati dealt with the Incursions which threatened their reality's planet Earth.

In the wake of Maximus the Inhuman King unleashing of a Terrigen Bomb (similar to what Black Bolt did in Earth-616), the Illuminati assembled assembled to halt an Incursion in Manhattan.

Some creatures of arrived from the colliding Earth, and the Illuminati engaged them in combat. Neither Mar-Vell's power cosmic nor Black Bolt's shouts were enough to stop them. Xavier attempted to read their minds and take control of them, but discovered that each of them contained tens of thousands of minds, a revelation that debilitates him. Magneto tore the helmets off of the enemy, revealing that they were all identical and lacked eyes. Scoffing at the concepts of science and magic, the creatures ignited a flame that scorched Stark, T'Challa and Reed before reducing Black Bolt, Magneto, Mar-Vell to skeletons.

The creatures left the Earth and destroyed it, after revealing themselves to be the Black Priests.[1]


Transportation: Fantasticar


  • The Illuminati couldn't defeat the Black Priests because they were of magical nature, coincidentally this alternate version of the Illuminati lacked the presence of Doctor Strange, the Sorceror Supreme.

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