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The Illuminati were the most powerful superhero team of Earth-838. The Illuminati were founded by Dr. Strange, to make the difficult decisions no one else could. When Thanos invaded Earth, the Illuminati faced him. Strange, however, turned to the Darkhold, using its black magics to dreamwalk; projecting his own consciousness into the bodies of his alternate reality counterparts, in the hopes that the multiverse might hold the answer to defeating Thanos.

Strange would not find the answers he sought in the multiverse, and instead his actions led to an incursion, causing the destruction of an entire alternate universe. Strange confessed his mistakes to the Illuminati, and together they instead sought the Book of the Vishanti, which they used to defeat Thanos. Realizing that his use of the Darkhold had left him beyond salvation, Strange allowed the Illuminati to execute him following Thanos' defeat. Strange was replaced by Baron Mordo, who succeeded him as Sorcerer Supreme.

When an alternate reality version of Strange inadvertently made his way to their reality, Mordo captured him and had him brought before the Illuminati. Before the Illuminati could decide what to do with him, they were interrupted by the arrival of Wanda Maximoff, who was possessed by a version of herself from the same reality as the newly arrived Dr. Strange.

The Illuminati, with the exception of Mordo who remained to keep an eye on Strange, confronted her. Despite their attempts to talk her down, she began killing them, taking Black Bolt and Reed Richards by surprise, and defeating Captain Marvel and Captain Carter in combat. Xavier was the last to face her, but after his telepathic attack failed she snapped his neck and killed him. [1]

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