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Quote1.png Hood, you can stop with the grand-standing and the sales pitch. I'm here. Please detail this master plan of yours. In as few words as possible. Quote2.png
Enchantress (Sylvie Lushton)

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Parker Robbins, the Hood, has been recruiting super-villains for his new team, the Illuminati. He did this by appealing to their egos - and it worked.

Tonight, his most recent recruit, Titania, is looking through the group's hideout. She meets Thunderball, who helps her vocalize what is "off" about the place - namely, that the house has no windows or external doors, and every corridor leads back to the main hall, even when that defies physics. According to Thunderball, the Hood claims he got the place on AirBnB.

Shrugging off this mystery, Thunderball decides to informally introduce her to the group. The first stop is the Mad Thinker's lab, where the scientist is showing his disdain for other people's inventions by doing maths in his underpants. Titania's horror as he talks about his "little friend" is alleviated when Black Ant emerges from a nearby drawer. He explains that the stories are true: he is a Life Model Decoy with Pym Particle shrinking powers, destroyed by the Secret Avengers but reconstituted by the Mad Thinker. The main thing the Hood offered him to make him join the team was a flesh-and-blood body.

At this point, the Enchantress shows up to tell people that the Hood wants to call a meeting, and they are to wear their new costumes. In the main hall, Hood reiterates his plan: robs the Asgardians of their weapons, sell them for a massive profit, continue to recruit for the team, retire as kings. Enchantress, who is not sharing her wine, demands specifics. Titania and Thunderball back her up, as they know that the front way in to Asgardia will be heavily guarded. Hood admits that his own teleport powers cannot get them there - and that Enchantress explicitly cannot or will not teleport them there - but there are rumors of a Roxxon scientist named Dr Karver, who is building an artificial version of the Bifrost. Rumors begat fame, fame begat ego, and now, to talk to Karver, they need to go to the most debauched new club in New York - Club Fenris.

Going there, the group discovers that the club has everything - masked criminals, ominous purple mood lighting, and creepy twins. The Hood goes to pay respect to the club's owners, Andrea and Andreas von Strucker, who he thought were dead. They explain vaguely that their father "took care of it", and remind him that Club Fenris has one rule, and one solution to those who break it.

Hood sends Titania and Thunderball to act as 'brand ambassadors' in the bar, while he and Enchantress track down Karver. In this capacity, Titania runs into her former Frightful Four teammate, the Trapster, who says he has heard a rumor about her husband and needs her to meet him in the back alley. She does so, but it turns out to be a set-up: Trapster is broke, figures that Titania, as a member of Hood's gang, has money, and wants to rob her. He traps her with his glue-gun, then tries to shoot her with reverse-engineered Repulsor tech. However, the repulsor has no effect, and Titania smashes her way out of the glue, knocking the Trapster out. Deciding that the club is not safe, she goes to warn the Hood.

In the club, Hood and Enchantress have found Karver, and Hood is regaling him with criminal anecdotes while Enchantress plays the part of a moll. Karver admits that he knows who the Hood is and will not do business with him. So Hood tries a different tactic: on command, Black Ant, who was hiding in alcohol, starts to grow inside Karver's torso. Black Ant will explode out of his chest unless he lets them use the artificial Bifrost. He immediately complies, but Black Ant refuses to listen to Hood's command to shrink. Instead, he explodes out of the scientist's chest, and picks up a nearby wine glass, saying "I always wanted to try that."

Titania runs up to them to deliver the warning, but her message is superseded by the Strucker twins, who announce that by killing someone, the Illuminati just broke Club Fenris' one rule - and immediately put a ten million dollar bounty on the group!

Solicit Synopsis

• The Hood explains part of his master plan and it involves going deep into the Marvel underground!

• Can the All New All Different Illuminati get along long enough to survive their first mission?

• The dark look at the lives of the Marvel villains continues!

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