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Pulling themselves from the wreckage of the Asgardian armory, the Illuminati have only a few seconds to feel sorry for themselves at the death of Black Ant and the betrayal of Mad Thinker when they are accosted by the Thunder Guard, the new internal security force of Asgardia. Hood attempts to get them away using black magic, but this is ineffective due to magical limitations in Asgardia. Thunderball tries to fight them off, but their strength and weaponry is superior to his. Enchantress tries to cow them into submission, but they brush past her - in the process, revealing that she is not Amora, the original Enchantress, but Sylvie Lushton, late of the Young Masters of Evil.

Titania expects that now, the Hood will call in the rest of his force, as no-one would claim the name "Illuminati" without serious numbers. Hood admits that the name is more aspirational than he had let on. As this news sinks in and the Thunder Guard take them into custody, something in Titania snaps. Drawing pinkish energy from an unknown source, she proceeds to knock out all the Thunder Guard.

As Cul is dispatched to take them in personally, Titania is looking around they wreckage for something to steal, insisting that she is tired of losing. Hood tries to talk her down by asking her what her husband would advise her in this situation. The question doesn't work, but the answer does - her husband would tell her to keep fighting, and that is why she should stop.

This decision comes concurrent with the arrival of Cul, God of Fear, backed up by the Destroyer Armor and the second wave of the Thunder Guard. Hood asks one of the group to punch him in the nose, then uses the resulting bloodflow to summon hellhounds to fight the Asgardians. Using this distraction, he uses more black magic to teleport them away.

Safe at the hideout, the group is stunned. Hood made them go though an overly-complicated plot to get to Asgardia when he had the power to get them there himself. Hood explains that the journey was necessary to activate Titania's new powers. He admits that he hadn't expected Mad Thinker to betray them, but rather Enchantress - before he knew he didn't have the original Enchantress. He is however, willing to move past this deception, not the least to provide the group with answers.

Over the last eight months or more, Hood was able to meet some "out-of-town power brokers", make a series of deals, learn a great deal of black magic, and get the hideout. With a wave of his hand, he makes one wall of the hideout transparent, to show them where they are - Hell.

In the shocked silence, he tells them that the hardship he put them through was necessary to turn them into the respected force they now are, and they can now attract new members. Titania grabs him by the scruff of his neck and respectfully disagrees: they have made enemies of Fenris, of Roxxon, of Asgard. No-one will stand with them. She contemplates killing him, but then decides to simply leave, taking her chances with the New York State Parole Board.

Hood makes a counter-offer - he has intel, and wants to bolster the Illuminati's rep by breaking her husband out of a fancy new prison...

Solicit Synopsis


• After a betrayal of a member of the team, the all new Illuminati are public enemy #1!

• Can Titania’s new powers save them?!


  • At the bottom of one of the pages, in the white area, someone has written the slogan "Vote Loki 2016! Lies you can believe in!"

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