At some point Magik was sent to the Shield for an unknown crime and joined the Hel-Rangers and was later exiled. Before leaving she fell in love with Leah and the two began to date until Illyana went missing while on patrol with her brother, Colossus, in the Deadlands some time later.[1]

When the Shield was attacked by the combined efforts of the south led by none other than the twisted monstrosity of their fallen commander, Fury; Leah and Magik, who had planned since the beginning to hold a subdomain in the Deadlands to rule without submitting to God-Emperor Doom, showed up with Colossus and a demonic army to assist Abigail Brand and the Hel-Rangers against the Ultron Engine. Soon afterwards, Leah and Magik deserted the Hel-Rangers and returned to their own domain.[2]


Seemingly those of the Illyana Rasputina of Earth-616.



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