Illyana Rasputina was one of the Mutie Wanna-Bes, the younger members of the X-Persons.[1] Being unable to pronounce the name of their leader Magneeto, she instead called him Magnougat.[2] She had a personal demon who had had drinking problems.[3]

At one time, Illyana was in her younger-looking form, training with her fellow muties in the Dingy Room, but then fellow Mutie Wanna-Be Smegma noticed Slug's angst-ridden thought balloon and, feeling jealous, told Magneeto. Magneeto then asked all the X-Persons to suffer, something that Illyana and many others did.[2]

Immediately after that, answering a bogus alarm, Magneeto gathered the X-Persons to fight the Offengers, another group of superheroes that, he believed, was being mind-controlled by a villain. Illyana joined her fellows in the attack, which soon degenerated into an all-out battle including many other superheroes. They finally decided to fight with each other because it would increase sales.[2]

Later, Illyana had problems with the growing spikes on her mystic armor, and her personal demon had a relapse in his alcoholism. Illyana then joined other superheroes in a visit to the mystic Doctor Deranged. Illyana wanted to ask him for a solution to her problems; however, Deranged grew sick of this and escaped to another dimension.[3]

Illyana and the X-Persons were being chased by the Ominous consortium of their most deadly and most implacable enemies and, after saving the world thrice after breakfast, they hid in a beach house. However, Illyana began to suffer from the typical stress of a common, displaced Russian teenage girl who was also a mutie training to be able to save the world and feared, hated and spat upon by humans and the queen of a demon-inhabited Gumbo where they were having a depraved and evil brunch reception she was expected to attend to. You know, typical teenage drama.[1]

The X-Persons were attacked in succession by several enemies but ran away. During the escape, Wolfstain and Illyana found a little cute dog and asked Magneeto to make him a Mutie Wanna-Be because he had followed them home. Magneeto wanted proof that the dog was a mutie, and Illyana said that maybe the dog's parents were human, which would make him a mutie. Magneeto was satisfied with that and the dog joined the team, although name proposed by the girls, Muffin, was rejected in favor of Carnivorax.[1]

Then they fought several other enemies but Illyana did not appear in those panels. Later, the villain known as The Living Humongous Menhir threw the X-Persons from a cliff to a beach.[1]

Fortunately, Slug (then called Non-Entity) was unfortunate enough to fall first, so that the other X-Persons fell on top on him and killed him, but they survived. Nonetheless, some X-Persons discussed with others in a schims over whether they were dead or not and, if so, they should move to Australia. Illyana and the other Mutie Wanna-Bes found Non-Entity and Magnavox used her powers to discover what had happened. Then, all the X-Persons gathered, fought other villains and had to face the Ominous consortium of their most deadly and most implacable enemies in a fight.[4]


She can generate a partial armor over her body and a shining sword. She can also change shape, being sometimes a pre-teenager,[2] and sometimes a teenager.[1][3] She owns a personal demon that looks like Dave Sims' character Cerebus.[3]


The armor is spiky and sometimes bothersome to her.[3]


Sword.[2] Armor.[3] Watch.[1]

This character is never identified by name in any of her appearances in What The--?! Vol 1, so I'm assuming that she shares name with her Earth-616 counterpart Illyana Rasputina—albeit most characters in Earth-9047 have some kind of pun in their names.

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