The sister of Colossus was trapped in Manhattan on the day the Hell broke through in Limbo domain of the Battleworld. He spend years trying to rescue her, only discovering four year later that she was not a prisoner, but the rules of the demons, having become a demonic force known as Darkchild. On year five Colossus attempted to rescue Illyana again, but the attempt was disastrous.[1] Nightcrawler was captured by Darkchild and turned into a demonic dragon, whose teleportation abilities allowed her forces to break through the protective barrier that kept Manhattan enclosed and roll over the rest of the domain, killing everyone in their path.[2] Eventually Colossus found it within himself to realize that his sister was long gone and slew Darkchild with the Soulsword.[3]


Seemingly those of the Illyana Rasputina of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Illyana Rasputina of Earth-616.


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