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This device was developed by Doctor Doom and could be optionally incorporated within his armor,[1] specifically within a hinge-hidden compartment. Whenever Doom activates this device, a realistic, three-dimensional projection of himself appears in the nearby area.[2] Doom can use the image as a decoy, but he also use it for recon purposes -he can see, hear and speak through the image, and he can even use his armor's powers through the image. The image was not as powerful or endurant as the real Doom, and it vanished if it suffered enough damage, if Doom moved beyond the valid range,[1] or if Doom simply switched off the device.[2] Whenever Doom is not using this device, he keeps it in his laboraty at Castle Doom.[1]

Doom took this device with himself when he went to the Hydrobase to help prospective ally the Sub-Mariner, who had been captured by some enemies. Doom destroyed two Octo-Mek war machines of Sub-Mariner's enemies', then noticed that Sub-Mariner's ally Betty Dean Prentiss was hidden in nearby bushes. Wanting to reach her undetected, Doom used the Image Projector so that she would keep watching the wrong place, while Doom himself stealthy approached her. Understanding she was not an enemy, Doom ominously but gently announced his presence, then explained the details of the Image Projector to the surprised Dean Prentiss. They eventually allied to release the Sub-Mariner.[2]


The nature of the Image Projector is quite different from Doom's Hologram Projector: The Hologram Projector can reproduce anything Doom thinks of, while the Image Projector can only reproduce Doom. However, the Image Projector provides a Doom that can attack enemies, while the Hologram Projector does not.

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