The Images of Ikonn is a spell dependent upon demon Ikonn, which usually creates visible duplicates of the caster to obscure and confound enemies.[1][3] However, this spell can also create a variety other visual and auditory illusions.[4][5][6][7]


Doctor Strange frequently uses the Images of Ikonn to create visual duplicates of himself to cause distractions or evade attacks.[8][1][9][10][3]

Stephen Strange (Earth-616) with Images of Ikonn from Strange Tales Vol 1 130 001

When the Defenders fought the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Doctor Strange used the Illusions of Ikonn to combat Mastermind's psychic projections.[11]

Doctor Strange has used the Illusions of Ikonn to appear as a bird of prey while flying.[4]

Doctor Strange called upon the Illusions of Ikonn to see through deceptions and reveal truths.[5]

Once when trapped in a bank during a robbery, Doctor Strange cast the Illusions of Ikonn to ensure only the robbers would see his astral form.[6]

During a deep depression, Doctor Strange subconsciously cast an illusion of Clea that briefly fooled himself.[7]

Alternate Realities

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Thanos (Earth-199999), Stephen Strange (Earth-199999) and Images of Ikonn from Avengers Infinity War 001

While battling on Titan, Doctor Strange used the Images of Ikonn to attack Thanos.[12]

Dormammu Killed Doctor Strange (Earth-TRN196)

James Madrox (Earth-616) with Images of Ikonn from X-Factor Vol 1 232 001

After Dormammu killed Doctor Strange, Strange's ghost possessed the body of his former acolyte Jamie Madrox. To fend off Dormammu, Strange employed the Images of Ikonn, the Conjured Crystal of Cyttorak and the Shield of the Seraphim.[13]

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