Imani is a teen from the planet Maltixa in the Utopian Parallel. She was rescued from an unidentified entity by Ms. America and became obsessed with the hero.[1]

When America failed to reply to Imani on social media, she seemingly became increasingly radicalized and ultimately founded the Chavez Guerrillas alongside her best friend, Zulai.[2]

The group then appeared to kidnap America's ex-girlfriend, Lisa Halloran,[2] in order to get Ms. America's attention so that they could inform her that the unidentified entity had returned.[3]

Following the battle, and ultimate capture of the unidentified entity, it was revealed that Lisa was in on the plot, and that Madrimar had aided them in pulling it off. Imani and the Chavez Guerrillas were then rewarded with a trip to the Beaches of Uzam so that they could rest and recharge.[4]

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