Imara was the daughter of a bar owner who lived in Murra, a small town in northern Nicaragua. Imara and the other villagers were struck by a curse due to the actions of Alejandra Jones, who became the Ghost Rider to save them and protected the village afterward, coming to be known as the Guardián Fantasma.

Imara's village was attacked by the murderous Carnage, who wanted to collect the codex from the Rider so he could come closer to releasing the dark Elder God Knull.

Imara and her family hid inside the bar until Daniel Ketch, another Ghost Rider, came looking for his female counterpart. Imara's father pulled out a double-barrel shotgun and pointed it at Ketch while asking whether he came to town with the monster, but he said that he was looking for their "Guardian," so Imara replied that she was up in the hills fighting against the symbiote.

Ketch told everyone to find a place to hide while he went to go help out his fellow Rider, but Alejandra was killed by Carnage. As Imara headed downstairs into the basement to hide, she became possessed by Alejandra's spirit. "Imara" gathered her fellow villagers, rallying them and they began throwing Molotovs at Carnage, which resulted in him escaping on the top of a semi being driven by members of the Church of the New Darkness.

While this transpired, Imara's soul struggled against Johnny Blaze, the ruler of Hell and another Ghost Rider, to return to her body. After Alejandra thanked Danny for helping to protect the town, she relinquished Imara's body, rendering the girl clueless to what had transpired. Ketch told her that their Guardian needed her help, but disappeared back to Hell; leaving Imara's town under the protection of Danny as their new guardian.[1]


Imara spoke both Spanish and English.[1]

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