Pazuzu was originally an angel.[1]

War in Heaven

He was among the 14 angels that became Lucifer's chief lieutenants during his rebellion against Heaven.[1]

Demon and Annunaki


At some point, he prevented his fellow underworld demon-goddess, fallen angel, and hated rival Lamashtu from escaping Irkalla and travelling to Earth to threaten pregnant women and newborn babies.[7]

Long ago in ancient Mesopotamia or Sumer or someplace like that, worshiping the demon Pazuzu, Bringer of Disease, his priestesses engaged in a religious war with the priest of the god Marduk or Baal or Dagon. He granted one of them, Vicki of Humbabu, with a jewel, the Amulet of Pazuzu while addressing her the following message: "Make a bracelet of purest uranium and wear this jewel on your wrist. You will develop vastly enlarged bazooms, and when the enemies strike you alone will be spared". The amulet granted her the Doucheblade, allowing her to slain all enemies.[3]

As the Demon-Dragon Zu, he was bested by the team-up of Hercules and Gilgamesh.[2]

After Vicki of Humbabu died in the desert from radiation poisoning, the Blade was past through the Pazuzu-chosen of their generation: Hatshepsut of Egypt, Hippolyta of the Amazons, Joan of Arc of France, the British writer Jane Austen, Queen Victoria of Britain and Eleanor Roosevelt the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, then finally disappeared for forty years.[3]

Modern days

The chosen of this generation was Detective Suzi Pazuzu.[3]


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