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Appearing in "Thaumiel"

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  • Hulk (Split from Bruce Banner behind the scenes)

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Synopsis for "Thaumiel"

Alpha Flight Space Station

The new Gamma Flight, a force created to track down the Hulk, just received a signal: the Gamma signature of Bruce Banner appeared in Los Diablos, New Mexico. Walter Langkowski, formerly known as Sasquatch, remembers that Los Diablos was the site where the infamous experiment that made Banner turn into the Hulk happened, and the thing intrigues him. He asks if they are ready for a field trip, but reporter Jackie McGee expresses concern: she still isn't sure why she is part of this new Gamma Flight operation, and wonders if this is crossing the line. Is she still a reporter? But while Jackie and Walter are debating, an operator signals to Langkowski that there is another Gamma signature nearby the Hulk...

Los Diablos, New Mexico

Hulk is facing off against a monstrous version of the Absorbing Man: his body ripped in half, standing with his spine sustaining a skull that grew fangs. The skull mumbles words that sound like "I'm sorry", but the Hulk assures him he will be sorry for real soon enough. The fight is closely watched by Agent Burbank, looking from his rifle's sight. Burbank communicates with General Fortrean at Shadow Base: he informs the General that Creel should be dead, but he's still moving in some way. And also, he's winning.

In fact, Creel's new Gamma-absorbing power is draining the Hulk, who looks like an emaciated version of himself. Still, the Hulk possesses the same ability, and so the two monsters go back and forth, draining one another, until Hulk decides to make a move: he rips Creel's spine and skull, using it to deliver a clubbing blow to his opponent. Burbank sees the fight's momentum shifting, and asks to Shadow Base if he has to take a shot, but the answer is negative: he must wait for the right moment.

That's provided by Gamma Flight: on a ship, the team approaches the Hulk and notices that the second Gamma signature comes from a body ripped in a half. Walter tries to approach Hulk and, thanks to the distraction, Burbank shots the Green Goliath with a pair of Cyanide hollow-pointed bullets right in the eyes. This makes Hulk very angry, so much so that he loses control of himself, also believing the shooting was done by Gamma Flight. He grabs the ship with one hand and takes it down hard. Meanwhile, Burbank notices that Creel, or what remains of him, is heading to somewhere else.

Hulk tries to regain control: he must stop Creel. But then, Puck attacks him with a bazooka: Hulk crushes the weapon, and tries to tell Puck to stop fighting him. He must get to Creel and shoot him down, unless he wants hell to break loose. In fact, Creel got a lot of Gamma radiation from Hulk, but not enough to satisfy the plan of whatever is inside him right now. The creature lurking in the Absorbing Man needs tons of Gamma radiations to open the Green Door, and this is the best place to obtain it. When Banner's experiment happened, the Green Door was left ajar, but the creature wants to open it wide, and if Creel succeeds that's what is going to happen.

As Gamma Flight asks the Hulk what would the consequence of the Green Door opening be, Creel completes his task...

Somewhere Else

Hulk and all Gamma Flight are in another place: a red sky, ruins all over, and a beacon of intense green light shooting from the top of a cliff to the heavens. Creel is kneeling, crying and asking for forgiveness. Jackie is dumbfounded: where are they? But Hulk has the answer: they are where they always have been. He welcomes everybody to Hell.

Solicit Synopsis

• Gamma Flight was too late. Shadow Base is infiltrated. Crusher Creel is damned. And the One Below All walks upon Earth.

• Now, in the place he was born, the Immortal Hulk is the last thing standing between the world of the living…

• …and the GREEN DOOR.


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