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Quote1.png You're the man who opened the door -- and you're gonna help close it. Follow me. Quote2.png

Appearing in "This World Our Hell"

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  • Hulk (Split from Bruce Banner revealed)

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Synopsis for "This World Our Hell"


Hulk and Jackie McGree wander through what the Green Goliath described as Hell: a dimension in ruin, with a beacon of green light shining from the ground to the sky. They entered this place after the Green Door was fully opened by Carl Creel in Los Diablos. As they start walking, Hulk starts talking about the question Jackie made him when they met in Minnesota: she asked him how she could be like him. Hulk understands the desire: many tried, some succeeded in a sense. But why does Jackie want to become like Hulk?

The reporter tells him it's about rage: he can let all that rage go, and use it to destroy. And he's always pardoned: if he destroys a city, Doctor Strange tries to find him a quiet place to rest. Or maybe Iron Man finds a paradise planet for him to live in. Why they don't punish him when he commits acts of rage? Jackie wants to be able to feel, to use and especially to be forgiven for that kind of rage. Hulk is stricken by the words of the girl: she understands what rage really is. She's not ashamed of it, she does not try to separate anger from herself. She does not refuse her angry side.

So Jackie once again tells Hulk she would gladly step in a Gamma machine, but in that moment someone speaks: it's the hollow body of Rick Jones, rotten and empty, repeating old lines from memory.

Somewhere else, Creel is kneeling and in shock for what happened: what was the creature that made him open the Green Door? Trying to lift him up and answer his questions is Puck, member of Gamma Flight. He's experienced with magic and devils, and believes that what Creel absorbed with his powers was magic in nature. He also believes that the thing which controlled the Absorbing Man is finally the real deal, the real Devil. Something he's been searching for a long time. Creel is dumbfounded, and asks him who he is to know all this things. Puck answers with the strange and bizarre experiences he lived through, then tells Creel he will help closing the door he opened up.

Back to Hulk and Jackie, the two inspect the talking corpse of Rick Jones, and soon experience the appearance of another "empty shell", this time belonging to Jackie's father. The thing shocks her, and when Hulk tells her to leave him, she explodes in rage and tears. His father died because of him: all the stress caused by Hulk destroying their house led to a life of hard work that, in the end, was too much for Mr. McGee. But then, another corpse appears: the one of Thunderbolt Ross. Hulk feels something is not right: Ross is still alive, so why is he here?

As he tries to understand, the corpse transforms into a monstrous version of the Red Hulk, and starts fighting Hulk. The Green Goliath gets angrier and angrier, remembering all the time Ross refused Banner and hunted the Hulk. He rips the Red Hulk apart, and becomes a true machine of rage and violence. Above, near the green beacon, Brian Banner speaks: he tells his son, separated from the Hulk and in the middle of the green light, that he's always been right. Hulk is a monster, and it's better for Bruce to remain parted from him.

Solicit Synopsis


• Jackie McGee is in hell. Carl Creel is in hell. Walter Langkowski is in hell. Eugene Judd is in hell. Carl Burbank is in hell.

• Los Diablos is in hell. Shadow Base is in hell. New Mexico is in hell. Planet Earth is in hell. We are all in hell...

• ...and so is the IMMORTAL HULK.


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