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Quote1.png Good news and bad news, General. I've reached the location the Monitor Team specified -- and I'm in position -- but there's no clear shot. Permission to put one through Mrs. Banner's back and finish this-- Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "We Only Meet at Funerals"

West Point, New York

Betty is approaching West Point to attend the funeral of his father, the famous US Aemy General, Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. She recalls how she felt the first two times: the General was declared dead twice before, and so had three graves, counting this one. The first was in New Hampshire, a family site. The second in Arlington, Texas. That one was silently removed. Both were lies to hide something different. This time though, it looked like the real deal.

They buried him in Arlington to celebrate him as an hero, but they could not do it twice. He was a traitor, and sided with the enemy more than once. But he ended on a high note: former Avenger after all. So, they decided to give him a lesser honor: West Point. Betty wonders who really was her father in the end: the man, the monster or both? Steve Rogers, just like last time, is not attending the funeral. Tony Stark took his place in delivering a speech for the "costumed ones": while talking, he kept expecting something to come out of the tomb.

Once he was up with his speech, he asked if someone wanted to speak: General Reginald Fortrean stepped in, and with his words he delivered a message to Betty. He knew about the call Bruce made her the other night. He knew they were in contact again. Meanwhile, in a secret site, Shadow Base, the US Hulk Operations keep on experimenting: they are working on the remains of a mysterious Subject B.

With the funeral approaching its end, Tony Stark shields Betty from the rain, and tries to convince her Bruce should come in, and collaborate. He offers to bring her home in his private jet, the "Starkscream", but Betty refuses: trusting people building death rays that destroy towns is not something she considers wise. She flow coach, and this gave her time to think: Fortrean was not using traditional methods to keep track of what she was doing, she knew that. She checked well. How was he spying on her? She arrived at her destination, and there met with Bruce: she was angry at him, a part of Betty wanted to slap him. But in the end she could not: embracing Bruce, Betty kisses him.

But they are not alone: someone is looking at them from the scope of a rifle. Agent Burbank, sent by US Hulk Operations, asking if he can take a shot at Banner and end the whole thing there, even if it meant killing Betty too. Fortrean tells him to stop and just observe: he just put General Ross in his grave, he won't dishonor the man by killing his daughter. Bruce and Betty enter, and so Fortrean tells his monitors to start spying, but there is a problem: they are not able to do it.

Betty explains to Bruce she set up a protection with a statue: an idol of Ikonn, blocking all psychics and remote viewers. Some leftover from her time in the Order of the Shield. "The ones who ordered my death?" asks Bruce. Betty tells him he should not bring things up: it's the past. Maybe they should talk about his return: Betty cried for him when he died, after he planned his own death. Bruce answers her, and the two discuss the recent events affecting Banner's life, when Burbank, against orders, shots Betty in the head.

He made a huge mistake: night is their time. As the Immortal Hulk comes out to hunt him, Betty Ross heals herself, as in the night, her Gamma side comes out again. Burbank thought he could handle the Hulk, but he clearly cannot. The Hulk is Immortal. Thankfully, there is someone there to calm him down. Betty called, and the Doc answered: Leonard Samson is back.

Solicit Synopsis

• Betty Ross is going through a lot. She’s having a family crisis. Her employers won’t pick up the phone.

• And at her door is the husband she thought was dead. But Bruce Banner hasn’t come alone.

• He’s brought the IMMORTAL HULK.


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  • The "Starkscream," a jet designed by Tony that can turn into a robot, is a reference to the Transformer Starscream.

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