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Quote1.png So... why does this keep happening to us, Hulk? Why are we still here? Quote2.png
Leonard Samson

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Synopsis for "The Holy or the Broken"

Dr. Leonard Samson remembers how he died: after getting back control of himself from the hands of The Leader and M.O.D.O.K., he had the chance to make up for what he did while under their influence. He died the death of a hero, ending his long epic journey with a final, glorious fight. And then he waited to see what was after: he saw a Green Door, and the door opened. He resurfaced from the ground of the cemetery where he was put to rest, like nothing happened. He simply came back, and he really wanted to know why.

S.H.I.E.L.D. wanted to know, too: they ran tests, but nothing resurfaced. Leonard decided to keep away from his old friends: Betty, Rick. Bruce, his dearest patient. He wasn't sure why he came back, he was a dead man, and he thought he could not be of any help. He heard Amadeus Cho drained Bruce of his Gamma energy, transferring the Hulk in himself. Bruce was "healed", that was what he heard. But he thought that no one really talked with him about what happened. At least, no one did it like Leonard could. But still, he felt like a dull knife in the hands of a surgeon: he needed to help himself first, and others later, when ready. He found out he was too late when the national news announced Bruce's death.

So, when he heard of the second death of one of his friends, Rick Jones, he decided to show up: he met Betty in front of Rick's tombstone. Betty initially thought he was back thanks to some machination of the Leader or someone similar, but Leonard assured her he was all right. He was himself and, for reasons he still was not able to grasp, back to life. Betty and Leonard had a coffee, talked, like dear friends, without attraction or even affection. They were just happy to be two people who could understand.

But when the Hulk reappeared, Betty could not believe it. Leonard, meanwhile, could. He believed, because he also knew that if there was someone knowing why he came back, it was Bruce. It was the Hulk. And now, Leonard is right in front of the Green Goliath, his violent, enraged version, trying to put some sense in his head. He is able to make Hulk recognize him, and then at the mention of Betty, of her being hurt, Hulk regains his wits, and the Immortal Hulk gets back in control. After checking in on Betty and discovering she is still alive, given there is no corpse, Hulk starts to explain to Samson why he had to take control, as the Doc is quite curious.

After Banner attempted to kill himself, he was broken, far more than before. This led to another personality to come out: a Hulk who never spoke, a pure force of total destruction, with no pity for anything or anyone. Samson's biggest nightmare. And he sided with the bad guys. But the Immortal Hulk took care of him: he cut that Hulk in pieces, locking him in the cell where he belonged before. Samson understands who the Immortal Hulk is: Bruce often talked to him about a personality he always kept in prison, because he was afraid that if it came out, it would destroy the whole world.

He called that personality Devil Hulk, but Banner was just scared. The Immortal Hulk is a personality that loves Banner like a dad should. But Banner lived with an abusive father, and knew love in a deranged way: there was always pain alongside it. This led Bruce to be scared of the powers of the Immortal Hulk, of what he said to him. Leonard is glad: this means that the world will not end for real. But Hulk tells him he's wrong: on that part, Bruce was right. The Immortal Hulk will bring an end to the human world. Leonard must understand that humans are destroying themselves: nukes, water poisoning, killing ecosystems. The planet is dying, and people governing it behave like nothing happens.

Hulk will end the world of the humans to save at least some of them: if he stops what humans are doing, then some humans will be able to live. Samson understands, and makes a joke: he is the "Green" Hulk after all. The two get to their destination, as they were traveling while talking: a cemetery. Samson thought they were looking for Betty Ross, but Hulk answers him that Betty just survived a bullet to the head, so she can take care of herself. They are here because neither Bruce nor Leonard are the only ones which came back from death: it seems Rick Jones did too.

Solicit Synopsis

• Dr. Leonard Samson is a gamma mutate and part-time super hero who recently came back from the dead.

• He’s been wanting to discuss that with an old patient of his... But he’s not here to see Bruce Banner.

• Take a seat on the couch, IMMORTAL HULK. It’s going to be quite a session.


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