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Quote1.png General. Reggie. You just said he's helpless. The guy who sent me to Hell... is helpless. Let me have my fun. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Abomination"

New Mexico, Shadow Base Site A

After stealing the body of Rick Jones, US Hulk Operations were able to attract the Hulk inside the site which hosted him for a period. It was all revealed to be a trap so that Agent Burbank could capture the monster: using a solar emitter, he was able to turn Banner back into his human form, and now he can hunt him down. General Fortrean, from Site B, is telling him to end the thing as soon as possible, but Burbank, driven by vengeance, wants to make Banner suffer.

He does not know that Bruce Banner is not the one driving: Joe Fixit is, even if not in his usual body. Joe is able to distract Burbank and hit him in a vulnerable point, one definitely not made of plastic. Joe buys some time for himself, while General Fortrean tells Burbank to stop with theatrics: he must get the job done. Joe is trying to find something in the lab that could help him get the advantage, and while doing this he sees the reflection of the Immortal Hulk on an aquarium: in Joe's opinion, Banner should have locked that thing away once again.

Observing the aquarium, Joe notices a design flaw: a part of it is a fake glass wall, and behind it Joe discovers a control room: it is protected by a password, but Joe discovers it after noticing that nearby the terminal someone left some notes and a pencil. By coloring the surface of the notes, the data appears and Joe breaks into the system. In that moment, sunlight comes through: they know where he is and they found out that Bruce is not driving. In fact, Joe has always been vulnerable to sunlight, but then an idea comes into his mind. Soon after, Burbank comes in, guns blazing, blowing some holes in Joe's body.

Surprising Bushwhacker, Joe does not die, and when the Agent discovers why it's too late: Joe could not switch off the solar emitters, but he could change their wavelength. Using Banner's knowledge about radiation, he just turned the device from an emitter of sunlight to an emitter of Gamma radiation: Joe's going to get an overdose of energy. As all the Hulks inside Banner come out together, forming a huge, monstrous amalgama of muscles, Fortrean and the others at site B lose communication. Burbank is dead. And as Joe releases the Gamma energy he absorbed, the whole mountain hiding Site A disappears from the maps.

Fortrean realizes he made a mistake with trusting a human to do the job: Burbank was too influenced by his grudges, and in the end made a crucial mistake. It's time to release Subject B: using material recovered from Emil Blonsky, combined with the body of Rick Jones used as a shell, US Hulk Operations just created the new Abomination. And he will get the job done...

Solicit Synopsis

• Bruce Banner is trapped inside Shadow Base Site A — powerless and hunted by their top assassin.

• He can’t run forever. He can’t change form. He can’t survive...without THE IMMORTAL HULK.

• But not the one you think.


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  • The pencil Banner wrote with has the name "Keown" on it, a reference to Dale Keown, who worked on art for Incredible Hulk Vol 1 as well as other Hulk titles.

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