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Quote1.png But here's what got me worried, Doc. It ain't always the bad guys that do the damage. Sometimes it's what the good guys do back. Look at Iowa. Look what the good guys do. They do love making those hard choices... how'd you put it, Judd? By any means necessary. Quote2.png

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  • Gamma Flight's ship (First appearance)


Synopsis for "Necessary"

New Mexico. The remains of Shadow Base Site A

Once again, Leonard Samson emerges from the ground, alive and healed, after he and the Hulk fell into a trap. As he tries to understand what to do next, he is surprised by a plane approaching: it's Gamma Flight. Samson cuts it short: if they want the Hulk, he went that way...

Eight Days Later

Bruce Banner is in a taxi, still in New Mexico: he's dressed in a suit he never bought, he let mustache grow over his upper lip. Bruce's last memory was fear and pain, then all went gray. A shade which meant Joe Fixit: the "Gray" Hulk is back it seems. Just not in a gigantic body, as it seems Joe remained in a "Banner form". Bruce decides he needs to start classifying the different personalities living inside him, but first he must know where Joe was heading. The taxi driver tells him they are headed to a motel, it seems nearby Reno, as Bruce finds a casino chip inside his pocket. Joe went gambling again. At least he tried to be discreet by residing in a motel instead of a suite, and also, he decided that, with Shadow Base a dead end, they had to change target.


Reporter Jackie McGee is now following another case: the disappearance of Betty Ross, wife of Bruce Banner. As she tries to discover something inside Betty's house, the woman herself appears, in her Gamma form: the Red She-Hulk is back, or maybe even something worse. She tells Jackie her life and her own identity was destroyed by him, the Hulk. Jackie, a little scared, wants to know more: she tells Betty she'd like to ask her more questions.

Alpha Flight Space Station

Gamma Flight is making exams on Leonard, to see if he's truly well. In the meantime, Samson explains to them what he found out about the new Hulk: he wants to end the current human civilization, as it's killing the planet. Puck finds it a good omen, but both Walter and Titania do not agree. Samson has not decided what he thinks about it, in the end, and also wants to maintain certain things private. Still, Titania offers her hindsight: the bad guys are not always the ones that create the worst scenario. Many times, the good guys, the heroes, like to take the big, fundamental decision regarding the planet. And when they blow them, the consequences are far worse...

Back at the Motel

Bruce finally arrives at the Motel and pays the taxi. He notices Joe clearly flirted with the receptionist, and does his best impression of Fixit. Once in his room, Bruce shows the Immortal Hulk a list. Bruce Banner and Joe Fixit, listed under "Banner Form". Devil Hulk and Savage/Child Hulk, listed under "Hulk Form". And then two missing/hidden personas: the Green Scar and Professor Hulk. The "Devil" Hulk does not like classification, but Banner tells him he needs some order into chaos to function well. Also, Banner tells him that Devil is an adjective he does not like to describe this new leading personality. Maybe he should start call it the Maes... a scream pierces Bruce's ears: something is happening inside the Motel.

The Abomination is back, and just killed one of the receptionists. As Hulk makes certain the other girl goes away, him and the Abomination start to fight, and Hulk picks up a lot of rage. As he pummels his opponent though, the hands-like mask of meat covering the Abomination's face opens up, revealing a distorted image of the face of Rick Jones, asking for help. US Hulk Operation truly surpassed the limit this time, and they did it to make the Hulk really angry...

Solicit Synopsis

• Shadow Base has declared total war on Bruce Banner — and one by one, death is touching everyone he ever knew...

• ...except for one. The one monster who never dies — who returns, again and again, to hate and destroy.

• But it’s not the IMMORTAL HULK.


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