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Quote1.png Chaos. Do we rule over it? Or does it rule over us? Quote2.png
Gen. Reginald Fortean

Appearing in "A Secret Order"

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Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and flashback)
  • Qlippoth (Mentioned)
  • LMDs (Photo) (Only in flashback)
  • Mutants (Mentioned) (Only in flashback)



Synopsis for "A Secret Order"

Shadow Base

General Fortrean is inside a new version of the Redeemer Armor: he wants to embark on a stealth mission, and must infiltrate a location in space by the means of translocation. Dr. McGowan is skeptic about it, as the science behind translocation is not easy, and has tons of random factors. She needs time to check on how safe the travel would be for Fortrean, as he does not want to risk his death. Fortrean answers her that if he falls into deep space, the Redeemer Armor will protect him. He's tired to wait, he wants to act, and he always believed in one thing: humans can rule chaos. Random factors can be defeated, believing in order and structure.

Charlene is second-in-command to Fortrean now, after Dr. Clive died, so she cannot discuss the decision the General makes. She will hit the button and send him to the location, and she will do it now, because Fortrean knows they will rule over chaos. He has faith in that...

Fortrean remembers when he was eleven years old: he is in Sunday school, listening to a priest reading from the book of Genesis. A clear message from the piece they are focusing on: the Earth, initially, was a raging sea of chaos. Total disorder. But God gave it structure, and brought it to be a system with order, because he defined roles for everything: the darkness and the light, the day and the night. That time, a young Reginald Fortrean understood what it meant to have direction: he would work to bring order into his world.

In the Alpha Flight Space Station, Carl Creel and his wife, Mary MacPherran, better known as former criminals Absorbing Man and Titania, are talking about their recent decision of joining the force known as Gamma Flight. As they discuss, General Fortrean suddenly appears, shooting Creel and Titania with drugged bullets and dropping them both. He remembers being 28, observing the Hulk splitting a car in half with his bare hands. He is a major in the US Army, under the command of General Thunderbolt Ross. It is the General who, by showing him a girl and her father, scared victims of another Hulk attack, shrugs him out of what he calls his "crisis of faith". In that moment, he learnt what it means to focus.

Reginald keeps on going: he neutralizes Puck and kills Leonard Samson, but then Walter Langkowski points at him with a rifle. He remembered when General Ross first died: Fortrean was a Major General, one of the youngest ever. He saw the government decide to forget to exact revenge on the death of one of the best soldiers he ever knew. The best one, probably. He decided to act, with support from several high charges of the Army, and created what is Shadow Base now. And thanks to that careful planning, he learnt patience. He proceeds in killing Langkowski, too. Then, he does what he came to do: he steals the shell that was wrapped around Rick Jones, the Abomination qlippoth, and gets back to his home site, telling there were no "human" casualties in the mission.

He remembers meeting Ross in his cell, his mentor imprisoned after turning into the same monster he hunted for years. The Red Hulk. He tried to ask him why. Ross saw Banner turn into a genius with all the power of the Hulk: Doc Green, the result of applying Extremis to the singular case of Robert Bruce Banner. But he remained a child, a child with a genius mind and the power of an atomic bomb. Ross needed to do something, but in the end he made a mistake. He was too close to Banner, and Reginald was right. That day, he learnt purpose.

But in the end, he thought he could do something he couldn't: rule chaos with order, without understanding it first. He opens the qlippoth of the Abomination and welcomes its embrace, becoming the monster himself. He is now ready to fight his enemy...

Solicit Synopsis

• As the smoke from last issue clears, General Fortean makes a fateful decision.

• There can be no more half measure. No weapon is off the table. Force must be met with equal force.

• This is a war without rules...and SHADOW BASE is going to win.


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