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  • Cowgirls from Hell (First appearance)
  • Dr. Frankenstein (First and only known appearance)
  • Frankenstein's Monster (First and only known appearance)

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Solicit Synopsis

Mothers, lock up your daughters when we revisit the continuing adventures of that dashing rogue, Orson Randall, the Golden Age Iron Fist! The last time we flashed back to the life and times of Orson Randall, in the much fan-loved and critically acclaimed IMMORTAL IRON FIST ANNUAL, readers unlocked several secrets affecting Danny Rand, the Iron Fist of today. Now get ready for more! We promise you spine-tingling chills, ass-kicking action and pulp-fiction adventure like you've never seen, featuring gorgeous flashback art by Mitch Breitweiser, Chris Brunner, Russ Heath and Lewis LaRosa! Orson Randall goes head-to-head again and again versus none other than…the endlessly mystifying and unstoppably powerful Prince of Orphans! How will their battle through the ages echo in the life of Danny Rand?! You bet your kicked butt it has everything to do with the kung fu tournament of death unfolding in the pages of IMMORTAL IRON FIST!!


  • Pencils (story pages): Dragotta pages 1-9, Heath pages 10-18, LaRosa, pages 19-27, Breitweiser pages 28-36.
  • Inks (story pages): Mike Allred pages 1-9, Heath pages 10-18, Gaudiano pages 19-27, Breitweiser pages 28-36.
  • Colours (story pages): Laura Allred pages 1-9, Heath pages 10-18, Hollingsworth pages 19-36.

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