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Quote1.png Yeah, yeah, Hydra is legion. But when was the last time you faced a dragon? Quote2.png
Daniel Rand

Appearing in "The Last Iron Fist Story, Part 1"

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Synopsis for "The Last Iron Fist Story, Part 1"

Daniel Rand is in a meeting, as owner of Rand Corp., with representatives from Wai-Go Industries and Rand Corp.'s CEO Jeryn Hogarth. Wai-Go proposes to purchase Randtrack Type II Halbach train lines for 10.6 billion dollars. The technology would then be turned over to China's National Maglev Transportation Technology Research Center. Just before signing the contracts, Danny's conscience bothers him and he tells the representatives from Wai-Go that he has concerns giving technology to a country (China) which has a history of human rights violations. Jeryn is disgruntled at Danny's abrupt decision. Danny breaks into Wai-Go Industries offices and finds that the offices, though looking legit, have not been used in a long time. While there, Hydra forces attack Danny and chase him through Manhattan.

In Bangkok, Thailand, Orson Randall is marked as the one someone has sent Davos to find.


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