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Quote1.png Defeat is a poison to him, August Personage in Jade. Allow him to lick his wounds and salve his pride. Quote2.png
Lei Kung (about Danny Rand)

Appearing in "The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, Part 3"

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Synopsis for "The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, Part 3"

In scenes from many years ago, the class of Wendell Rand and Davos undergo the elimination rounds of fighting for the right to fight the dragon. The last fighter remaining of the previous year's class was beaten by the dragon. The last elimination round was fought between Davos and Wendell, who had been friends until this point. In a brutal fight, Wendell bests Davos and Yu-Ti judges Wendell has having won the right to face the dragon. Davos refuses to accept this judgment and accuses Yu-Ti of favoritism for the "Outworlder" Rand. Lei Kung tells his son, Davos, to be quiet and Davos sees this as a great affront. He tells Wendell that Wendell should have killed him and ends their friendship.

In the present, the second round of the tournament has begun and Dog Brother #1 fights Bride of Nine Spiders. The latter wins the fight while Yu-Ti and Lei Kung look on, both noticing the glaring absence of the Iron Fist. Yu-Ti disappears down the hidden tunnels in search of Danny and queries the girl who guards the Randall Machine. She insists that she has not left her post. Yu-Ti sends a legion of his Shaolin Terror Priests through the machine to hunt Danny.

Removing himself from the post-fight party, Lei Kung seeks out the young girl who guards the Randall Machine. She refers to him as, "my lord" and displays a symbol on her forearm that is the same as the one Lei Kung has on his chest. She informs Lei Kung that Terror Priests have been sent through the portal to find Iron Fist. In the mortal realm, Xao knows that Daniel Rand has left The Heart of Heaven and muses that a plan 88 years in the making is all coming together. He summons Hydra forces to destroy a village.


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