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Appearing in "The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, Part 4"

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Synopsis for "The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, Part 4"

In scenes from years ago, Davos is awake during the night while the other students sleep. Davos stews angrily feeling that Yu-Ti dishonored him and thinking that his father, Lei Kung, never wanted him to be the Iron Fist. Davos arises and considers killing Wendell Rand, but he realizes this is not the victory that he desires. Instead, Davos challenges Shou-Lao and when the dragon appears, feels doubt and realizes this is not a fight that is his to fight. Davos fights for his life while those in the temple awaken and hurry to "the cave." The dragon overwhelms Davos and Davos tells it to kill him, but instead, the dragon turns away and returns to its cave. Lei Kung arrives on the scene with the others and Davos spits in his face.

In the present, Xao activates the Rand train. Jeryn, standing beside him, sees that the train shines toward a heavenly city. Xao gloats and tells his men to load a huge amount of explosives onto the train. Meanwhile, in a snowy forest nearby, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing observe the truck movements. Luke wants to call the Avengers, but the girls argue about it. While they are arguing, Danny Rand sneaks up on them and tells them Xao has devised a similar technology to the one Orson Randall's father created. They fight the Hydra forces assembled.

Meanwhile in K'un-Lun, Davos fights the Tiger's Beautiful Daughter under the sponsorship of the city of K'un-Zi and the name of Steel Phoenix. Davos beats the girl soundly and she is about to yield, but Davos wants her death not her submission. Lei Kung interrupts the fight and stops his son from killing the girl. The next morning, Lei Kung meets with Yu-Ti and the servant girl. The two trade implications about each others' actions. Danny Rand arrives and tells Yu-Ti he has been meditating and healing and wonders what Yu-Ti himself has been up to.


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