Quote1 Great, Orson, so you learned your kung fu from Lei Kung and Smith & Wesson? Quote2
-- Daniel Rand

Appearing in "Last Iron Fist Story (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "Last Iron Fist Story (Part 4)"

Orson Randall explains to Danny Rand how the Rand/Randall family came to K'un Lun. Orson's father crash his trans-global airship into the heart of K'un Lun the one day in ten years it was on the common plane of existence. At the time, Orson's mother was pregnant and gave birth to Orson in K'un Lun who accepted Orson as a native-born son. He was taught by Yu-Ti and trained by Lei-Kung the Thunderer. Orson also tells Danny that prior to Danny becoming an Iron Fist, there were sixty-six previous Iron Fists, both men and women. While explaining these things to Danny, Orson takes Danny into the Underworld to get to Orson's father's Pneumatic Subway Station. Danny finds himself with Orson miles below Manhattan in an abandoned hypothetical subway station (also know as: the Five Point Station) that is being invaded by Hydra forces.

Meanwhile, Jeryn is on the phone with Xao arranging the transfer of the Maglev Trains. Jeryn says that 90% of the construction resources are on location and they can start building the 200 kilometers of ultra magnetic track that Wai-Go Industries is requiring for a demonstration model. This demonstration model is to cut directly across the K'un Lun Mountains in China. Jeryn asks to speak with "her" but Xao denies his request - it is not shown who is the referent for this pronoun.

Reminiscing while training, Davos recalls how he was allegedly defeated by Wendall Rand and faced Shou-Lao the Undying. He handily defeats two Hydra legions and the Mechagorgon and calls to the Crane Mother to insist that he is ready to avenge the atrocities committed by K'un Lun.


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