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Quote1 But your responsibilities as Iron Fist now supercede the troubles of Daniel Rand. You must fight for K'un-Lun now. Quote2
Lei Kung

Appearing in "The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, Part 1"

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Synopsis for "The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, Part 1"

Daniel Rand is meditating in K'un-Lun on the secrets of The Book of the Iron Fists which contains knowledge understandable only to its authors and the Iron Fists. Lei Kung interrupts Danny's meditations and tells him that Yu-Ti has summoned him. Yu-Ti tells Danny that K'un Lun is one of the Seven Cities of Heaven and once every 88 years, the Seven Cities meet in the timeline and hold a tournament to celebrate that meeting. The actual location of the tournament is a section of each of the seven cities that overlaps during this time and is called the "Heart of Heaven." In each city, an Immortal Weapon, such as the Iron Fist, fights for his city in the tournament. The battles in the tournament decide the order of the cities of the heavenly timeline. After meeting Yu-Ti, Danny mediates by the Scrying Vessel of Bo-Ling (which appears as a pond filled with lotus plants). Danny asks the Vessel where Jeryn Hogarth is and is told that he is in K'un Lun.

Danny is taken to meet his opponents, which include Davos. A preliminary fight is drawn which opens the tournament. Fat Cobra entertains the gathered by defeating the 100 Shaolin Terror Priests in the exhibition match. Because he wins, he is allowed to select his opponent for the first match of the tournament and he chooses to fight the Immortal Iron Fist.

Solicit Synopsis

Daniel Rand is the Immortal Weapon of the mystical city of K'un-Lun... the legendary kung fu hero Iron Fist. And after the stunning conclusion of The Last Iron Fist story, Danny has found himself forced to take part in a reality-spanning kung fu championship that matches the seven - Really! Seven! - Immortal Weapons like himself against one another. The prize is glory, but for Danny, the penalty of losing will be death - this contest is rigged, and there's no hope of escaping alive. Who has the best kung fu? Find out the hard way in The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven part 2! By Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction and David Aja.


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